Lorne Lowry
I noticed a few others have a Macon heat pump from China and are having some issues.   I am also in the Comox valley and the contractor is promoting this pump 045ZB (84,700 BTU) for a new installation of a 14 x 32 shallow draft San Juan  pool with cover..   As our Spring and Fall temperatures are in the low 60s during the day I am concerned that the unit will freeze up in-spite of its short cycle defrost claims.   What other units have reversing functions that have proved reliable.   I do not know how much the contractor is saving on this unit but do not want reliability or warranty issues down the road that would impact up time for the pool.
Marcus Miller

Dear Mr. Lowry:

Thank you for writing to us. Most heat pumps will run without freezing up when it is above 50 degrees. Some a little higher. Most of the days May 15 to Sept 15 are above that temperature so you don't really need a heater that will defrost for those dates but I like to make the season last as long as possible and open the pool as early as possible. Jandy heat pumps with the defrost are very good below 50 degrees. We have many videos on the site with them at very low temperatures.


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