Hi Marcus,
I just recieved my Hayward HP21002.
I'm trying to get quotes on running the electric to the heater,
the plumbing i'm planning on doing myself.
Couple of questions I have:

My filter pump is rated at 50 gpm which seems to be fine but I still plan
on piping in a bypass line. I thought that when I were to prime my filter
(earth) it would be better to keep the heater out of the loop for that?

Currently I have flexible hose connections, is it ok to use these with
the heater?

And lastly, I live in Illinois, so in the winter I pull my filter & pump off.
What is the best way to make sure that the heater is completely
drained when it's time to shut down?

Thnx in advance,

Marcus Miller
Dear Ray:
Thank you for writing back to me.  Flexible hose is fine. I think they actually give less resistance to water flow but they are a bit more susceptible to leaking. Just make sure that you come out of the heater with rigid pipe to your unions and then from there I am OK with the flex hose. Please remember to obey all local codes.
I am not a big bypass fan as they can produce so many service calls.  I think Hayward shows a bypass in their owners manual. I like to keep things simple though. My favorite bypasses are for excessive flow when you have water pumps over 1.5 HP or 2 HP depending on the size of the heat pump. Then I use a 5lb check valve between the inlet and the outlet of the heater and the excessive water goes around the heater.
For freezing winters I disconnect the unions and blow out the water from the heat exchanger with  compressed air and then put a piece of wood on top of the heater to keep the snow out. You can get a nice cover made from some of the cover makers out there too. Don't make the heat pump too cozy though or mice will set up a heat pump condo and next spring they will have made some improvements by rewiring the heater with their teeth.

Marcus Miller, President
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