Al Tambolleo
Hello,  By pool guy wanted to install a BIPASS on my Heat Siphon SX5.0
He noticed in the owners book that it reads NO BIPASS req.

Is this safe,  I was worried thsat if something went wrong with the heat pump, and I had to turn it off, I could bipass and still use my pool pump and filter

Please comment

Marcus Miller
Dear Al:
Thank you for writing. I am not a big fan of bypasses either. That is where we have trouble when valves fail closed but look open, leaks, valves in the wrong position. If you need to ever bypass the heater something really bad happened. That is extremely rare. Even if the heat pump was leaking so badly that you would have to shut down the system, it would take 5 minutes to glue your temporary bypass; a pipe and two elbows after cutting the heat pump out of the system. I hope that helps.
Marcus Miller
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