Anthony Ruben

I need to buy a pool heater for my +/-25,000 gallon pool in Orlando.  It is in a screened enclosure.  I am concerned about costs of operation and would like a recommendation on the best choice(s).  I might be willing to pay more if the efficiencies provide a payback in less than 3 years.  We would expect to use the pool between March and mid-November (basically, when the outside temperatures are in the 70's or higher).

What do you think?


Marcus Miller
Dear Mr. Ruben:
 I will send you a long letter personally, telling you about all my favorites for Orlando, as it is too much for this forum. Since you have such a big pool and you have a screen enclosure (limited  sun) we like to go with heaters above 100,000 BTU's. Some people in your area go all year and some go March through November. You are on the right track by looking at a heat pump as the cost of operation is so low compared to other technologies. Also the higher the efficiency of the heat pump the lower the electric bill. Look at companies that have been in the heat pump business for many years and have a history of good customer service. I can help you find the good companies that care about their customers.
Marcus Miller
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