Stuart Pearson

I have a sort of strange but interesting dilema.

I live in a suburb just out side of Toronto Canada and we have a 16x34' oval inground (currently unheated) pool.  I would like to install a heating system next spring and am considering a heat pump. 

That said our pull equipment is in an unheated single car garage attached to our house with piping running under a our deck between 30' and 50' to the respective skimmer and pool outlets.

Given the location of the deck and the layout of the yard and plumbing and the fact that the pool equipment is located beside an exterior wall in the garage from an aesthetics perspective it would be ideal to install the heat pump within my garage.

Understanding that such indoor installations are normally frowned upon for all of the obvious reasons I'm looking for ideas on how I might effectivley set this up to draw in sufficient outside air and venting cooled air through louvers(sp?) out the wall between my garage and patio.  As our summers can be very hot and humid if this could be made to work it would have the added benefit of releasing cooled air out on to our deck which (provided it could be done fairly quitetly) would nice for anyone sitting on the deck on a hot summers day.

I realize that this is not the usual approach but I really don't have a good alternate location for a heat pump or heater otherwise.

In theory I'm thinking that provided I could feed and exhaust sufficent air it would work....just not at all familar with the required math.

Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Pearson:
Thank you for writing to me. We have many heat pumps installed indoors. Some manufacturers are fine with it and others are nervous as they feel they can't control the way that you vent and just say no to the whole thing. When you are ready we will work with you and the manufacturer to make sure it is done right. Generally the heater fan opening is about 24" to 30". Most people then run a duct from the heat pump through a wall or through the roof to let all of the air exit the area. We don't want cold air re circulating back through the heater as that will reduce the efficiency of the heater. Some people get a 25' box of flex duct from Home Depot or they get a sheet metal shop to make a custom fitted metal duct. Then you will need a fresh air intake somewhere in the room. Maybe a screen door, open window or cut a hole in the wall and put a grill. The heater might be discharging 5000 CFM of air so the intake must handle that. It isn't that big of a issue. Then you will have to also have to drain out the condensation that the heater will produce from cooling the air.  That might be a few gallons an hour on a humid day. You must get the manufacturers OK before you do it to protect your warranty and obey all local codes. The late fall is really a good time to start this as electricians are not that busy and then as soon as the weather warms in late April or May you are ready to heat and don't have to worry about shipping, finding an electrician, manufactures back orders etc. On some manufactures you can also have the warranty start in the spring when you tell them that is when you are going to start the heater. Please ask us for the names of who will do that when you are ready.
Marcus Miller
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