James Fawcett
Hi There,
Last summer we had a reconditioned Perfectemp pool heater installed for our pool and it has been working fine heating up the water and maintaining the temperature in the summer. However when i just recently opened up the pool for this coming summer the heater pump worked fine as it did before but this time after only 2 days of running it, it stopped completely. About a day before this happened the compressor kept tripping out the unit every time it started up, as the fan would start first then the compressor would start, run for 10 seconds then cut the whole unit out then the fan would start up again and the whole cycle ran over again with the compressor cutting the unit out. So i switched the whole unit off and left it for the night, the following morning i started it up again and hey presto it worked without the compressor cutting it out. Then half way through the day the unit just stopped, i know the unit is getting power as the ON light is illuminated however the green light below it which indicates the temperature is rising, is not illuminated. The unit has a normal flow of water and i have no bypass on the system, so it's not the water flow that is cutting it out unless you think it could be the flow meter or even the thermostat that's faulty. Details of my unit are as follows: Perfectemp, model number: EUST2-3MD. Normally when i turn the unit on there is a clunk noise and the whole unit starts up, i'm guessing this is the relay switching however now nothing happens, the unit has power but nothing happens no matter how long i leave it. I have uploaded a photo of the inside of the unit
Kind Regards,
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Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Fawcett:
Thank you for writing. I am sorry that you are having trouble. It sounds like you either are low on freon or have low water flow. I have also seen this when it gets too cold at night. There could be many other issues like bad relays, sensors etc but I think the first two are the lost likely. You need a heating and cooling guy to look at it to make sure. You can check the water flow. I have seen valves that look open and fail closed causing the unit to starve for water.  Lots of heaters "clunk" so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Hard to say about the light as they can fail when everything is still working. A good A/C guy should have it figured out in 10 minutes.
Please let us know what it turns out to be.
Best Regards,
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