Hello, thanks for the forum.  Hope someone can advise.
I have a swimtemp plus pool and spa heater and it is leaking.  About a month ago I bought some pvc piping and bypassed the heater and switched it off. 
However, now it's "cooooold" and I want my heater back.  My neighbor said it's the heat exchanger and that I need a new system.
My question is , "can just the exchanger be replaced" and how cost efficient is such a repair or DO I need a whole new unit.

shiverrrring in Davenport,Fl
Marcus Miller
Dear Dr. Chill:
Thank you for writing to me. In Florida now is the time to heat. The old Swimtemps sometimes lost their heat exchanger because the  PH in the pool was off and it would eat through the metal and leak. Most all of the new heaters are made out of Titanium with lifetime warranties so you wouldn't have to go through this again. If the heat exchanger has failed usually it doesn't pay to repair it. The part can cost between $500.00 and $1000.00 and then there is labor. If you are going to stay in the house for more than 2 years then I would just get another heater. You should have it looked at though to make sure it is not something simple like a hose or a pipe that can be repaired easily. I love to keep heaters going for as long as it makes sense. I have some heat pumps still going since 1984 or 85. They were on top of their PH though. You can send me a photo of the offending part and I will try to see what is wrong for you too to try to save you a service call.
Marcus Miller
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