Tony Caruana
I had a Zodiac 15M Powerfirst pool heatpump and Intelliheat controller installed by a local swimming pool company a few months ago and it has never worked correctly even after several attempts to fix it by the supplier and Zodiac. The problem is that the unit cannot be set to run during the  day for an 8 hour period when the average air temperature is optimal and will not stay off when the temp reaches the set temperature. It wants to operate 24 hours per day regardles of the ambient air temperature and regardless of reaching its set temperature. It comes on every every 3 minutes and run for 5 minutes even when it reaches the set temperature. If you attach a timeclock to the intelliheat to try and stop the heat pump from coming on, it still keeps sensing to come on and because the pool pump doesn't come on the heat pump will go into error mode after 3 atempts thinking that there is no flow and will shut down. The only way to get it going again is to restart the heat pump manually. It will not automaticaly come back on when the time clock turns on the Intelliheat controller. As a  result of this malfunction the heat pump is using an incredible 4.076kw of power per hour, 24 hours per day as measured by a power meter I had installed in line with the heat pump.
Has anyone else experienced this problem with this brand of heatpump and is there a solution to fix it?
I think my Zodiac is doing the same thing.
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