I live in Florida and have an in-ground 14 x 28 pool with an elevated jacuzzi.  Currently have a TropiCal Scroll T115 which can heat the jacuzzi quickly but not the pool.  Looking for a quiet model that will heat my pool quickly.  Cost less important.  What are the best 2 or 3 choices?

Marcus Miller

Dear Al:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. We have been taking care of Florida pool heating for almost 30 years. Most all of the heat pumps these days are pretty quite. I find the water pump makes more noise than the heat pump most of the time. Some manufactures advertise that they have the quietest heat pumps out there but I don't approve of some of them as the way that they do it I think seals in the compressor with insulation and that it traps moisture and then years down the road the compressor rusts out. that is what happened to many air conditioners in the 80's and 90's that has insulated compressors and were supposed to be Super Quite. If you want to heat the pool faster then we should keep the BTU's over 115,000 for you. The higher the BTU's the faster the pool will heat. Most people want the spa to heat up faster though. If you put a solar blanket on the pool it will also heat up much faster and maybe you can keep your Tropical? Not sure if your model is titanium though. It depends on how old it is. I have my favorite heaters for Florida. The most important thing is I think a reliable heater with a long warranty. There are some manufactures that now have 5 years labor and 7 years parts and lifetime on the titanium heat exchanger. And they will give you a whole new heat pump if the heat exchanger fails and not just drop off a part. the ones with the long warranties are the same price as the ones with the short warranties too.  If you write me personaly I will tell you my favorites right now. This message board will be up for years and models change and I also I drop companies that I think are not treating their customers with enough respect. I will not take a chance that you will get a heater or use a company that I don't feel comfortable about as I am the one who gets a call when someone is disappointed and I hate that type of call. 

 I hope that helps and that I hear back from you soon.

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