Thomas Corrao
Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the great site!  I have a 41,000 gallon True L, 16X40, and 20X40.  Deep end goes to about 9 feet, to accomodate the diving board.  We also have a slide. This is a vinyl lined pool.  Our pool is in the sun, during the summer months, from 9am till about 6pm.  The pump is a Pentair Whisperflo 2 speed, which I usually run 22 hrs a day on the low setting.  To run the slide I put the pump on high.

     I'm considering a heat pump to warm our water.  My pool guy says I may need two heat pumps, in which case this no longer is an option.  We open our pool on May 30th, and close it around September 15th.  I am not looking to extend the swim season at all.  Once those leaves start coming down and the kids go back to school, the pool gets closed.  I'm just looking to keep the water at around 86 to 88 degrees throughout the summer months.  Can I achieve this with a heat pump? 

     Let me give you some more info,  the average temperature of the water during the summer months is probably between 77 and 81 degrees, so I'd be looking at trying to pump up the water temp by 5 to 11 degrees.  I will never ever use a solar cover, lol.  Our plumbing is 2" throughout.  We have 2 skimmers, 1 main drain and 6 returns. The filter is the cartridge variety.  Long Island is kind of breezey and humid during the summer, we love it!  Can a heat pump do this, and if so, which would you recommend.

     If so, would I need to run my pump on high while warming the water?  I think the pump is 0.5hp on low, and 1.5hp on high.  I noticed that one of the heat pumps on your site has a feature which overrides the pumps timer.  I have one of those low tech clock style timers which you put small on/off tabs onto, will it somehow override this , or will I need a different type of timer?  Hope I gave you enough data to make a decision.

Thanks in advance for your response, and for the great site,

Marcus Miller
Dear Mr Corrao:
Thank you for writing  to me and the kind words about my site. You will need to run the pump on high as 1/2 HP is not enough to run the heat pump in that size pool. Long Island is the 2nd most popular place in the country for heat pumps after Florida. NJ is third. You will need a blanket to use one heater and to keep the pool as hot as you want it. If no blanket then your are right you will need two heat pumps. If you are dead set against a blanket then you can go with one heat pump and a gas back up. Gas alone is just too much to heat a pool in NY. You will not be happy and after a few bills will only use the pool on special occasions. Most of my customers start up in late April or May first on the Island. Some heat pumps have a time clock override in the heater. That lets the heat pump turn your water pump on. Not my personal favorite option as if allows the heat pump to cycle on and off all night during the least efficient time to heat. I just like the heat pump to come on when your water pump is on. They do sense water flow so they will cycle with your water pump automatically. You will need a heat pump above 100,000 BTU's (the larger the better) and or a gas heater at 400,000 BTU's. I have a few favorite brands. I like heaters that are made of titanium. I like companies that have been around for many years with great customer service. I like heaters that don't break with long warranties. Please give me a call and I will pick a nice one for you. I don't want to list them here as the industry is going through some extreme changes this month as some companies are cutting warranties. My opinion might change. Call me for the latest news.
Marcus Miller, President
360 568 3718
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