Michael Dadian

We are looking at various models to heat our 16 X 32 4' to 8' deep pool in Raleigh, NC. A consideration is auto-defrost as we are hopeful to swim almost year round (hearty relocators from Wisconsin). Considering the Heat Siphon and Gulfstream units. See that the Heat Siphon as higher COP, but not sure it is auto-defrost. Any recommendations?

Marcus Miller
Dear Michael:
Thank you for writing. You are my favorite kind of people. Use that pool as much as possible. In NC we usually use a heat pump for as long as we can and use a gas back up November through March. You might get more depending on the weather. The Heat Siphon will heat down to about 42 / 45 degrees and then shut off; and will restart in the low 50's.
The Jandy TR (heat and cool) Gulfstream Heat and Cool and the Rheem with the power defrost are designed to go below 50 degrees and keep running when regular heat pumps have shut off. How low they will go depends on RH wind temp, etc. So the manufacturers won't say
exactly. I can say they are probably useless below 40 degrees though. They are all first rate companies that make great heaters. I hope that helps and that I hear from you soon.  
Marcus Miller, President
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