Hi Marcus,

I recently came across a device on the Internet called a Floatron. 


The claims are intriguing, regarding using a solar collector to generate an electrical current which creates ions that kill off bacteria and algae.  The idea is to greatly reduce the amount of chlorine used (but not eliminating it entirely).

The testimonials sound promising, but I would feel better know someone who has one...or get the opinion of a pool professional.

What do you think?

Marcus Miller
Dear David:
Thank you for writing to me. I am a sucker for new technology. I know some of the mad geniuses in the pool equipment world and they have come up with some great stuff.  I went to the Floatron site and it looks interesting. Seem logical, as Mr. Spock would say. The most popular system now in use is the salt chlorinators. They have been time tested and everyone that I know who has them love them. I have an open mind if anyone wants to report how they like this new pool maintenance system.


Asa Strong
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