I purchased the Solarium 105 Heat Pump in May.  The shipment was fast and it was easy to install.  Thank you.

I have an 18x36 rectangular pool, 5.5 feet deep end, 1.5 hp pool pump.  I live in NJ.

My question is on temperature rise expectations.  If I put a thermometer on the pool wall return, the temperature rise is about 1 degree.  Is this normal or should it be higher?  It takes about 2-3 hours to raise the temperature 1 degree.

Now that September has come around, I also noticed that if the temperature is at 82 degrees at night, and if it is running all night, the morning temperature will be around 76 degrees, so it is not maintaining the temperature.  To avoid the heat drop, I just purchased a solar cover.

But, I am curious as to what my expectations should be about temperature rise when the pump is in use.
Marc Miller
Dear Dave,
Thank you for writing back. The temperature difference between the supply water and the water in the pool might only be 1 to 3 degrees. It depends on how fast the water in moving through the pipes. 1.5 HP pumps will move the water pretty fast if there are not many restrictions. you performance look right for this time of the year. you are also correct that you will need a blanket on the pool in September as without it you will lose too much heat at night and then the heater will run all day to make up what was lost over night. If you have a cold clear fall night in NJ you can lose 10 degrees in the water and that is just a waste of money. My test pool in Washington right now has the 105 on it and it has about a 1 + degree per hour rise. I have about 1/3 the water that you do so the performance is the same.
Please let me know if you have anymore questions I can help you with.
Asa Strong
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