I live in SC and I have a two heat pumps to heat/cool my house.   I also have a pool with no heater. 

My question is a unique one in that could I buy I  pool heat pump heat exchanger (hayward calls them condensers I think) and connect it to the refrig line that comes out of the house heat pump units compressor and connect it to a pump and use it to heat the pool.   The a/c runs alot during the summer and it seems that the outside fan is pulling btu's out of the system from the house and just wasting them. 

The only extra cost is to run the pool pump to pump water through the heat exchanger whenever the a/c runs.  I have been thinking about maybe even getting a recirculation pump that doesn't use alot of elctricity and just use it for moving water through the exchanger. 

I know there is some logic needed to protect the heat exchanger from over heating etc. but in principle it seems logical.  I know electricity, wiring, relay, etc, but I don't know enough about heat pumps.   I'm concerned that pulling the heat out at that point will prevent it from cooling the house. or would it help cool it more since more heat is removed before the refrig gets to the indoor coils.

your thoughts?



Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Scannella:
Thank you for writing  to me. You ask great questions. I have used waste air conditioning heat to heat pools before. If you are, or know a refrigeration mechanic it isn't that hard. There are a few problems that most of the time make it impractical though. The problem is that on the days that you need heating in the pool the most you need cooling in the house the least. Also it will void your air conditioners warranty if it is new or kind of new. Some A/C's have a 10 year warranties on the compressors so "new" is relative. If you do install a heat exchanger or "condenser" it can make the air condition work better if it is an old inefficient one by helping the unit reject the house heat. If the A/C is less than 5 years old then it probably won't help the efficiency much.  What I really like to do is to put a heat recovery unit on each air conditioner to heat the domestic hot water. Then no matter what time of year it is or what the outside temperature is you always need hot water in the house. So you might save $30.00 to $50.00 a month on your electric bill if you have electric  element water heating while the air conditioner is being run. The heat recovery units run about $600.00 or so plus the cost to hook it up. For pool I like dedicated heat pumps. It also helps mechanics who are too wimpy to work on anything that doesn't look like it came from the factory. If you are stubborn and still maybe want more detailed information about the mechanics of making your a/c heat the pool please give me a call.
Marcus Miller
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