I just installed a new to me Rheem 5100 series heat pump. It's been running for about 2 hours and water is starting to puddle from under the unit. Do these drain like a/c units do? Looking for some advice.
Marc Miller
Dear  Mike: 
That is a nice heater. The pool heat pump is just a big air conditioner so it is taking the heat out of the air and putting it in the water. When you cool air the water condenses out of it and it could produce many gallons an hour. So the more water that you see the better the heater is working. Now if the water pipes are leaking that is a bad sign. You can tell if it is a water pipe leak if you put a chlorine test strip in the water and if it reacts to chlorine than you have a leak and it is pool water. Also if you just turn the heater off and the water goes away then that is good and it was condensation. I hope that helps. 


Marcus Miller
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