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  • Heating my pool while cooling my house

    I understand that heat pump take heat from one place and transport it somewhere else. Therefore, would it be feasible to take heat from my house air...

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    Started by Philippe Goulet

  • New Heat Pump

    Marcus, I turned on my new Jandy 3000 last night around 7 pm. The temp of the pool (25,000 gallons) was 63 degrees and the temp outside went down...

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    Started by Drew

  • Low humidity applications

    currently I have a Hayward propane fired heater for a pool with a spa where the spa waterfalls over into the pool in normal heat and/or filtering. ...

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    Started by Jeff Ancker

  • Heat Pump Icing Up

    I have a MACON MALCRW045ZB Swimming Pool Heat Pump. I live on Vancouver Island, Comox Valley. My heat pump is icing up even at temperatures around...

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    Started by Ken White

  • Installation of pool heat pump.

    Let's say I buy a heat pump from you. Who do I call to install it? A pool guy or electrician? About how much is reasonable to be charged? Do you...

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    Started by Sandi

  • Heat Pump Inside a Shed

    Great site, thanks for the great information. I live in NJ and looking to add heat, my pool is under trees and it just does not get warm enough. We...

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    Started by Ken

  • JANDY LOW pressure ref problem

    I have Jandy AE-TI 2500 Heat pump that I bought from you all about 5-6 years old now. I just turned it on for the start of the season a couple days...

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    Started by JeffW

  • Heat Pump Recommendation?

    Hello, Location: PX, AZ Capacity: Approximately 30,000 gal Inground, Concrete Filter/Pump: 2 hp Pump run time: Whatever is...

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    Started by John

  • Best time to run a heat pump

    Hello, I am considering a heat pump for our pool and after reading various posts am wondering if the best time to run a heat pump is when the outside...

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    Started by Tom

  • MaxTemp used heat pump

    We recently purchased a used MaxTemp heat pump and started our pool. We connected everything as directed and an electrician took care of the wiring....

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    Started by Natalia K

  • Compressor runs 5 seconds and off.

    Hi, I'm having a problem with a used heat pump I just purchased. After hooking it up, it ran fine and raised the temperature of the pool by 10...

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    Started by Frank Bowie

  • which heat pump in Arizona?

    Hi Everyone! We are in Saddlebrooke, AZ just north of Tucson ~2700 ft elevation... so which heat pump is best for this situation: we would love to...

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    Started by Irka

  • Dedicated circuit for heat pump.

    Good day. When I installed my pool three years ago I only ran a three wire 120V circuit, about 60 feet of which is buried. The wife now wants the...

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    Started by Sean Winters

  • Choosing a heat pump

    Marcus, I'm looking to heat a 25,000 gallon concrete pool w/ raised spa and have narrowed it down to two heaters: the Jandy AE2500 (no heat...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Salt or Ozone

    I am having a 17x31 in ground installed in Pensacola Fl. to be swimming by Memorial Day. I am also having a Heat Pump of 125,000 btu's with Titanium...

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    Started by Jeff Wilson

  • Aquarium Heating

    I am looking to heat a recirculating system of fish tanks approx 6000ltrs to a temp of 28c will a heat pump fill this need, also is a heat pump safe...

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    Started by Amanda

  • Heat pump gas heat combo

    Marcus, I spoke with you in the spring and it looks like we are almost ready for heaters to complete our install. We are on the Eastern Shore of...

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    Started by Corey

  • Jandy vs Pentair

    Hello Marcus, I am getting a pool installed. Originally under the contract, we had ordered the Jandy AE2500, but when I got home today the pool...

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    Started by Jobe

  • chlorine generator

    Marcus, I'm considering switching from chlorine pucks to a salt system. You sell both the Hayward and the Jandy. I have a Jandy AE1000 heat pump...

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    Started by Stuart


    Last year I installed a Hayward (EUS) heat pump on an aboveground pool. When we opened the pool this year, the heat pump would not work. The display...

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    Started by Jon

  • heat pump doesn't start

    hi, we bought a heat pump for our pool a few days ago. i wanted to clean out the basket of the pool filter so i turned of the heat pump and then the...

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    Started by jeff

  • Welcome to our new Forum!

    Dear Friends, This is a new feature that we hope will help you in your pool heat pump research. You are not alone if you have pool heat pump...

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    Started by Marcus Miller

  • focus temp

    Hi, I live in Spain and am considering purchasing a focus temp heat pump. They seem to be a lot cheaper than other makes (Jandy) but they seem to...

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    Started by Nic

  • Heat Pump for a Spa?

    I'm a newbie in the market for a pool with a spill over spa. I'm thinking of heating the two with a heat pump but I'm getting conflicting advice...

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    Started by rizzilient

  • Spool Heat Pump in Phoenix, AZ

    Hi Marcus, I live in Phoenix, and have a "spool" that is at the most 2500 gallons. I am looking to keep it at a spa temperature of about...

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    Started by Bob